waste isn't waste until we waste it

With Atelier Noterman we want to take it step by step. We weigh up what is technically and economically viable. Our targets have to be realistic. To us, transparency and honesty are key for a more sustainable world. 


Transparency is of essence for a sustainable future. We endeavour to act as an example and therefor to us being open about who our suppliers are is simply evident.

IVN Laundry, Portugal

Pizarro S.A., Portugal

Cadicagroup Spa, Italy

Union Knopf, Germany

Olimpias Group S.r.l., Italy

Nuova Tessilbrenta, Italy

Candiani Denim, Italy


To detox or not to detox, is no longer a question.
But what exactly is Detox Denim and what makes it sustainable?

1.     Production process:
Less water, less toxics, less energy

Indigo is that typical colour of denim, that colour we all love. Unfortunately, it is indeed this dyeing process that can be very harmful to the environment, since the colour is the result of a chemical process using polyvinyl alcohol. At the end of the process this toxic ingredient is removed by rinsing with warm water – 300 litres of clean water per kilo, to be exact. In the case of Detox Denim this harmful PVA is replaced by Chitosan, a bio-degradable alternative made from the exoskeleton of crustaceans. Chitosan is 100% natural and non-toxic, limiting water usage, water pollution and energy usage. 

2.     Washing procedure

Our Detox Denim is washed using hardly any water. In our Pizarro laundry we apply the Ozon fading technique: this process mimics sunlight, which gives denim trousers their well-known ‘washed’ look. 

Close the loop

Watch the video about Atelier Noterman & Close the Loop here

Close the Loop is a tool, developed by Flanders DC and Vlaanderen Circulair, helping fashion entrepreneurs to embrace the basics of circular processes. The aim? To stop the current linear system of take, make and waste in order to evolve to the circular model that focusses on a long(er) life cycle and total waste reduction. The ideal would be a circular fashion industry in which designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers consider the entire life cycle of a piece of clothing.

Building a sustainable brand is the ultimate ambition of Novavo, the family business behind Atelier Noterman. A goal in which the Close the Loop project plays a significant part. Maintaining a balance between sustainability and commercially viable options remains a difficult exercise.